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Below are reputable websites that can help you with determining if you can own poultry, how to register them with the state, and how to take care of them (poultry information).

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Preferred Breeders

Deer Run Farm, Emmitsburg MD


Deer Run Farm is the only Heritage Chicken Hatchery in the USA to be NPIP Certified for Mycoplasma synoviae,  Mycoplasma gallisepticum, Pullorum Typhoid, and Avian Influenza.  They are regularly tested for and  negative for Newcastle disease and  Infectious Laryngotracheitis.  They sell Welsummers, Copper Marans, Delawares, and Ameraucanas.

Growing Gobblers


Growing Gobblers is located Lanesboro, MN, and sell Broad Breasted Bronze and Broad Breasted White fertile hatching eggs.  They are Certified Mycoplasma synoviae,  Mycoplasma gallisepticum, Pullorum Typhoid, and Avian Influenza clean through NPIP, and participate in the Salmonella Monitored program.

Murray McMurray Hatchery


They are a larger hatchery that can ship to your home.  They offer a variety of breeds, and offer cocci and Marek's vaccination.  Although they are not MS/MG certified through NPIP, our practice has never isolated MS or MG from their birds.  Murray McMurray is NPIP certified Pullorum/Typhoid clean, Avian Influenza Clean, and Salmonella Monitored.

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