McKillop Poultry Medicine LLC Services

McKillop Poultry Medicine LLC is a mobile veterinary service that comes to your farm/flock by appointment.  We take a lot of measures to make sure we do not spread diseases.  Measures we take include:

  • Wearing personal protective equipment (coveralls/scrubs, disposable boots, hair net, gloves)
  • Anything that comes out of our vehicle is disinfected before going back in, including equipment, exposed skin, microscope, paperwork, and protective eye-ware.
  • Washing our vehicle between every client. ​

Dr. McKillop using personal protective equipment when getting to a property.

Dr. McKillop using personal protective equipment when getting to a property.


Services Provided

On site farm visits

Mareks Disease Vaccination

Best Management Practices


Diagnostic Testing (We use the MD State Diagnostic Lab for most laboratory services.)

Onsite Fecal Testing


​Necropsy services

Bumblefoot debridement 

Laceration/surgical repairs

NPIP Testing 

Health Certificates 

Poultry Handling and Transportation Training

Other Services

Emergency assistance/services as available

4H/FFA show/fair testing package (Reduced cost)

* We offer discounts for 4H/FFA

What to expect from your first visit

We strongly believe it is easier to prevent a disease/management problem than it is treat after an animal becomes sick.  For this reason, we spend extra time with you during your first appointment.  We ask all new clients to fill out a comprehensive intake form to get the best history as possible.  

We will go over:

  • Registering your premise with the state to get a Premise ID number
  • Nutrition and treats
  • Deworming program
  • Common external parasites and how to treat them
  • Common respiratory diseases
  • Biosecurity (Making sure you don't bring home diseases to your birds)
  • Properties of different disinfectants, and choosing the right one for you
  • What to do if you have a bird that passes away, and make sure it isn't a flock issue.
  • Surveillance testing for  Avian Influenza (encouraged but optional)
  • Go over your current set up and make suggestions on improvements
  • Physical Exam, and treat any issues in the flock

Dr. McKillop testing ducks

Dr. McKillop testing ducks

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